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Cost-Effective Pharmaceuticals and Related Healthcare Products

Stravencon has been set up since 2006 to take advantage of the enormous commercial opportunity created by the opening of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and other Asian manufacturing centres, for the supply of cost-effective generic pharmaceuticals and related healthcare products into European markets.

Major Asian pharmaceutical companies are now looking to invest heavily in upgrading their pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to full international quality standards to support the demands of the huge domestic markets and export finished products into Europe and US.

Although they still have a pricing advantage due to industrial integration, low cost factor inputs and economies of scale, the route into Europe is complex for these companies, with significant technical, cultural and linguistic barriers to be overcome. Their traditional export focus has, therefore, been on raw materials (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, or API's) only.


"Partner of Choice"


With its highly experienced executives and team of Regulatory and Quality Assurance experts from the international pharmaceutical industry, Stravencon is ideally placed to provide its Asian partners with the highly specialized guidance which is required in all areas of the regulatory, manufacturing and distribution process in order to attain the quality standards required in European markets. The Company has already become a "partner of choice" for a number of  companies and the gateway for them to enter Europe and other international, regulated markets. Read more.


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