Product Sourcing for European Markets

Antibacterial and Oncology Products

Stravencon is a specialised hospital products supplier.

Diagram right shows interest in various therapeutic areas.


The Stravencon Team


The Stravencon technical team consists of Qualified Persons (QP's) in both manufacturing and pharmacovigilance. The team includes EU-qualified industrial pharmacists, pharmaceutical engineers, medical doctors and experienced pharmaceutical executives.

This team works with Asian factories which are already validated by an EU regulatory body or else works with Asian business partners to bring their facilities into full cGMP compliance.


Technology Transfer Under License into Asian Sites


Stravencon uses Drug Master Files (DMFs) and Production Monograghs to transfer new production technology to Asian manufacturers under license. This technology includes formulation and process development. The company works with Asian partners to implement the complete process from file transfer, validating API and excipient sources through to final batch testing.


Managing the Supply Chain


Logistics and inventory management of pharmaceutical products is critical and complex due to shelf-life and storage requirements. Stravencon chooses the most experienced and competitive logistics partners so that products are collected from Asian manufacturing sites and delivered to healthcare outlets with complete product integrity.

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