New Healthcare Solutions for Europe

In Europe


Healthcare schemes must serve more people at lower cost.

  • Aging populations are driving ever-increasing demand for pharmaceuticals
  • European hospitals are seeking more cost-effective, easier to prepare and administer specialty pharmaceuticals
  • Fiscally-constrained European governments are compelled to reduce costs and increase supply, boosting demand for less-expensive but equally or even more effective products.
  • Healthcare providers are introducing new treatment protocols to allow their budgets to go further.

Stravencon is positioned at the crossroads of rapidly intensifying macro trends between Europe and Asia. Read more about Product Sourcing for European Markets.


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In Asia: The Emerging Powerhouse for the Global Pharmaceutical Industry 


For many years, the pharmaceutical industry in Asia has been growing on the back of the demand from the large domestic markets. Globalisation has been limited to the very biggest companies and those primarily involved in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).


Robust and Reliable Supply Chain

As the industry develops, many more Asian pharmacetical companies have decided to internationalise their business. this requires a focus on international quality standards and validated production processes. Through Stravencon's team of highly qualified and experienced experts, Stravencon is working closely with a large number of Asian companies to ensure the products are of the highest standard and are made available to European countries through a robust and reliable supply chain.

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